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Okay Creations specializes in eye catching book cover designs and author branding. We work primarily with self published authors and currently freelance for all major publishing companies. Our covers have been on multiple New York Times bestseller lists, USA Today bestseller lists, and in the Wall Street Journal. You put your heart & soul into the story, your cover needs to show that.

About Me

I studied fine arts at Illinois State University and I currently live outside of Chicago with my family. I also vote Mac over PC.

Why I Design

Art of any kind allows the greatest freedom. And, it’s fun.

Why I Books

My favorite activity is reading. I obsess over my favorite books, I fangirl over my

favorite writers. Every time I pick up a new book, a new adventure awaits. There’s nothing better than burying your nose in a good book.

My Mantra

i go to seek A Great Perhaps. You should too.


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I currently do not make my prices public, but send me a message and I will gladly email you a price sheet. Let's talk covers!

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I get a ton of requests for information about self publishing, and hopeful authors requesting referrals for formatting and editing.

I have never self published. So I am collecting what

I do know here, for your benefit.

Links from successful authors about self publishing:

Tracey Garvis-Graves on self publishing:

Jessica Park on self publishing:

Jamie McGuire on self publishing:

Madison Seidler
Stephanie Elliot

Guido Henkel

Lightning Source

My advice:

Care about your story. A LOT. Care about your writing. A LOT.

Writing is an art form. It has never been a get rich quick profession, writers write because they have a story to tell. Writers do not write because they want a yacht. Writers don’t write because they want a bigger kitchen. Writers write for themselves, and if we are lucky, they share it with us. Writing is my favorite art form, there are authors out there that can craft a sentence as well as Van Gogh could put the perfect brush stroke on canvas.

Two other things: EDIT. And then EDIT some more. Nothing is more irresponsible than having a manuscript riddled with mistakes.

Oh, and get a pretty cover. It’s the first impression people have of your book. ;)

Want to learn

more about me? Read the interview I did at Talk Supe here.